The Jonas Brothers - Kevin, Joe, and Nick, pose with their wax figures at Madame Tussauds on in Washington, DC on Monday august 18th

The debut of the wax figures coincides with the recent release of their new album “A Little Bit Longer”, as well as their “Burnin’ Up” tour.



The Jonas Brothers Double Date

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Joe Jonas and rumored girlfriend, country superstar Taylor Swift, leave New York City hotspot Tao late Thursday night. The pair was accompanied by Joe’s younger brother Nick Jonas and his rumored girlfriend, Disney sensation Selena Gomez.
“Everyone looked really chummy,” one spywitness said of the JoBros and their rumored lady


Selena Gomez: I’m Sorry, Nick Jonas!

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Selena Gomez, who’s featured in the latest issue of Teen Vogue, recently spilled about a new song she just wrote called “I’m Sorry.”
The new track’s is about liking a guy who can’t get over his ex, rumored to be about Nick Jonas getting over ex
Miley Cyrus.


Joe Jonas is now officially a high school graduate!

Because the teen superstar didn't go to a conventional school - he was tutored on the road - the Burning Up singer was presented with a cap, gown and diploma at the Jonas Brothers concert in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday.

Joe and Kevin are now free to lead the rock star life, but little bro Nick's still gots to do his homework!


The Jonas Brothers caused quite the fan frenzy as they made their way out of their New York City hotel on Sunday.Rather pointedly, eldest bro Kevin was seen wearing a t-shirt that read "Team Demi (Lovato) and Selena."

We couldn't agree more!


 Texas Has the Jonas Brothers Feeling Neighborly

The Jonas Brothers apparently figured that they literally needed an area the size of Texas to accommodate their massive fan base.

Local news outlets are awash with reports that the dreamy tween-friendly trio have corralled themselves a six-bedroom house in Vaquero, a gated community in the northern Texas town of Westlake.

Tarrant County records show that the Jonas sibs inked papers June 12 giving their mother, Denise Jonas, power of attorney to close the deal, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The real estate agent who listed the residence for more than $2.8 million would only confirm that the house had been sold.

The band’s rep has refused to comment on their new living arrangements, but even the rumors—not to mention the recent Joe/Nick/Kevin sightings in the area—are generating plenty of excitement.



Check it out--MTV's giving fans a preview of the set the JoBros will be using for their performance this Sunday at the VMAs! The set is a huge NYC brownstone--on wheels! 

Hmm... Any thoughts on what song they might be performing? Here's a hint: JB has revealed that it's their next single.....Below theyre are pictures of the stage they will be performing on!!!




The final night of the "Dancing with the Stars"' three-night premiere delivered a rock-your-socks-off performance by the fabulous Jonas Brothers! ET caught up with the teen heartthrobs before the big show, where they dished about their new Disney show "Camp Rock," and their excitement having a "DWTS" team dance to their music!

"It's really cool to see them dance to one of our songs because we didn't know what it would be like for somebody to dance to it," Joe Jonas proudly said. "And to see them choreograph it -- it makes you really excited and makes you want to perform a little bit more."

In our new video, ET gets the 411 on Nick, Kevin, and Joe as they talk candidly before their big "DWTS" performance. The Jo Bros may not have done the cha-cha-cha for the judges, but they certainly sang their hearts out at the grand ballroom!

Even though one dancing couple was eliminated in last night's competition and sent home, viewers still got to feast their eyes on the Jonas trio of hotties. Be sure to tune in next Monday night for week two of the power-packed seventh season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."


Nick Jonas has a new furry friend.....

Nick Jonas has a new best friend: a golden retriever named Elvis.

The pup was a birthday gift from his family, according to the band's rep. The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers band, who turned 16 on Tuesday, named the pup for two of his favorite musicians, Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley.

Though the band has been busy working on its upcoming film, Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Movie (which will open Feb. 22, 2009), Nick still made time for Elvis on Tuesday, taking him for a walk around his L.A. neighborhood.

Birthday Boy Nick Jonas Gets a New Best Friend


Jonas....er Lucas Brothers..???

Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers get some shopping done at the Studio City Mall in Studio City, Calif. on Thursday.

JoBros will being shooting their Disney Channel series starting on Monday according to Access Hollywood.

The series will be called Jonas, referring to the street they live on. The trio plays three brothers in a band known as the Lucas Brothers!

The “bonus” Jonas (Frankie) will be making recurring guest appearances.

The series is scheduled to debut next Spring. “It’s going to be a funny show and it’s going to be a great cast,” Joe said. “I’m really excited!”


Joe joins Christian Audigier

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers poses with designer Christian Audigier after shopping in his store on Melrose Ave, LA, on Wednesday.

Christian Audigier and Joe Jonas chat it up while shopping.

“It’s really cool to see them dance to one of our songs because we didn’t know what it would be like for somebody to dance to it,” Joe Jonas told ET about the Dancing With the Stars season premiere. “And to see them choreograph it — it makes you really excited and makes you want to perform a little bit more.”

Check out the video of the Jonas Brothers performing on Dancing With the Stars. They sang their latest single “Lovebug” from their third major studio album, “A Little Bit Longer.”



So we've found out a bit more about how the youngest of the Jonas Brothers trio spent his birthday this week.

Not only did Nick get a new Golden Retriever puppy named Elvis, he also spent a day at a Dodgers game.

Except, they were the ones playing.

Wednesday night, the Jonas Bros took Nick to Dodgers Stadium.

A source says, the family "rented out the stadium last night to play a baseball game with some friends."

Rollin' large!

They met up with at least 15 other friends and played from 10pm to a bit past midnight.

And that wasn't cheap!

For Nick's Sweet 16th present, the cost was over $30,000 for just under three hours of playing.

Turns out that just renting the stadium costs $25,000. But then to use the lights for a night game, that's an extra $5,000!

Then food and drinks can go for around $500, and if you bring your own music, it's another $500 to play it on the speakers.

Oh, and you can even opt to hire baseball players, staff members, and amenities for extra charges.

As for the JoBros, they opted to keep it simple and even decided to bring their own uniforms.

They were spotted earlier that day at a sporting goods store buying athletic pants and shirts.

Hope they had a good time.

We still find it a bit expensive!

-perez hilton



 Declare yourself....!

Kevin, 20 years old, and Joe Jonas, 19, recently registered to vote.

And they encourage you to do so too, if you haven't already!

Click here for more information on how to register to vote, whomever your candidate may be.(u.s.a.)





On Extreme Makeover Home Edition next week, October 5, the family has a little girl who loves the Jonas Brothers. They get to go watch a concert where Nick dedicates a song to the family.

Jonas Brothers on Extreme Makeover Home Edition


OMG LOOK AT THE BILlboard were on it!!!-jb

Check out the CNET article on the launch of MySpace Music featuring the Jonas Brothers. The big promotion was done in NYC's Times Square:

Jonas Brothers Launch on MySpace Music



The Bonus Jonas, Frank the Tank hits 8. Join us in saying happy birthday to the youngest Jonas brother, by signing our guest book.

Frankie Jonas







I can drive....!!!

 Nick Jonas is spotted driving a Classic Ford Mustang Cobra with his bodyguard by his side in Los Angeles on Monday.

The Jonas Brothers will be performing live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 29th. Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Oct. 4, and will go for $45, $65 and $89.25.

It was also announced that on November 15, the Jonas Brothers will perform at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, CA.

Team Jonas Fan Club members will have the opportunity to purchase presale tickets for those concerts.

   Nick Jonas




Teen stars are coming out with their own fashion lines, and Teen Vogue is saying there may be a possibility that the Jonas Brothers are one of the stars to join the fashion designer crew.

Check it out.

Following the lead of other teen tycoons like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Disney stars Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are rumored to each have fashion labels in the works, Women's Wear Daily reported today.  We'd love to get our hands on a skinny tuxedo blazer tailored by the Jonases, and a sparkly frock by Ms. Cyrus would make us feel like an undercover pop star any day.

But what do you think? Would you buy clothing designed by Miley or Kevin, Joe and Nick? Or do you think these stars should simply stick to their day jobs?-TEEN VOUGE

We would totally buy clothes made buy JB!!!



Here's the boys itinerary while they're in Europe:

10/3: Leave US
10/4: Arrive Italy

*Live online webchat for Habbo (
*Live in-studio performance on Radio 105, (which can be streamed on
*Live appearance and performance on MTV TRL
*Private party for Italian JB fans sponsored by La Feltrinelli, Italia 1, Radio 105, and Disney Channel

*Masterclass Event @ Orange Cafe
*In-Store event at El Corte Ingles (plaza felippe II square)
*Appearance on the "El Hormiguero" tv show
*Interview on "Internight" a popular radio program on Los 40 Principales

*Live webchat on Habbo (
*Appearance on "TV Total" television program

10/8: LONDON (UK)
*Appearance on the televison program, the "Lil Chris Show"
*Interview and Performance on the television program, "The Paul O'Grady Show"

10/9: LONDON (UK)
*Performance on the television program "Sound TV"
*Performance on the television program "E4"

*Performance on the television program "Grand Journal"
*Performance on the television program "Star Academy"

10/11: Fly to Phoenix



LOLLIPOP is hosting a celebrity charity auction which runs from now until Sunday, October 5. Join thier online auction hosts the Jonas Brothers and bid on very cool autographed entertainment and sports memorabilia while also supporting LOLLIPOP. All proceeds from the auction go to LOLLIPOP and will help continue bringing the magic of movies to children confined in hospitals nationwide.

Here's just a sampling of the items up for auction:
Fender guitar signed by Maroon 5
A personal guitar lesson with Kyle Cook (lead guitarist of Matchbox 20)
Two signed Tony Hawk skateboard decks
Gibson guitar signed by the Jonas Brothers




According to Nick, the song was influenced by Juno and also the Beatles. Check out MTV.com for more on their latest single "Lovebug". Tip--Angela

Also, make sure you call your local Top 40 station and request "Lovebug", let's make it number one as a coming home gift for when the Jonas Brothers come back to the US on the 11th.


Lovebug Video....

Jonas Brothers fans can except a fun surprise soon.

The Bros are releasing their video for their latest single, LoveBug soon. And, Kevin Jonas says of the clip, "We have a dream of what it can be. It's about capturing that idea. We want to make sure it's always right."

Deep! Ha

As for the song, the guys wrote it while on the road touring with Disney star Miley Cyrus.

Nick Jonas says, "We wrote it while on the Christmas break of the 'Hannah Montana' tour. So we were in the hotel room and sat down that night and wrote it in about 15 or 20 minutes."

The inspiration for the song? It actually came from the movie Juno, the Jonai say.

Nick adds, "The vision for the song actually came from some different inspirations. But Juno was one of our favorite movies at the time, and the soundtrack is always kind of odd, so we decided to put those elements in the song, and it came very nicely."

They also get influenced by other great musicians.

"I think there are a lot of things we draw from, but that song in particular is a Beatles influence," says Nick.

And although Joe Jonas didn't want to say the song was about Miley, he did say "It can mean anything. But for us, it's throwing any past inhibitions to the wind."

Nick added, "Really, just falling in love with somebody. And [how] if they break your heart — or however it ends — you think, 'That's it forever,' until the lovebug gets you [again]."

The group hopes to release the Philip Andelman-directed video by October 15.

-perez hilton


Jonas Girls......:(

Nick Jonas's girl, Selena Gomez, andJoe's flame, Taylor Swift, were hanging out at the Another Cinderella Story premiere on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Their boys were across the pond a few days ago wowing their British fans.

Wonder what Selena and Taylor were chatting about!

-perez hilton




Just Posted......

Just posted to the Jonas Brothers YouTube channel.... Mr.Jonas is rooting for us!!!!


Jonas Brothers on Paul O'Grady

The Jonas Brothers were interviewed and performed live today on the Paul O' Grady Show in the UK.

The Performance:





Since they were never "officially" going out, we don't know what to call it, but the reports are that Joe and Taylor have called it quits.

Check out 4Tnz.com for more on the reported split.

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift Break Up



The Jonas Brothers were on Spainish TV while on their trip, and they're working on their language skills.


 LoveBug Official Release!

Here it is, just posted to the boys YouTube account.

Lets make the boys proud and bring it to #1!!!


International Sensations!

The Jonas Brothers are an international sensation. Check out their stats from around the world:

International GOLD and PLATINUM certifications

[Jonas Brothers]
Argentina = 2X Platinum
Mexico = Platinum
Canada = Platinum
South Africa = Platinum
Chile = Platinum
Spain = Gold
Brazil = Gold
Colombia = Gold
Central America = Gold
Venezuela = Gold
Poland = Gold
Philippines = Gold

[A Little Bit Longer]
Canada = Platinum
Venezuela = Platinum
Mexico = Gold
Argentina = Gold
Brazil = Gold
Colombia = Gold

We'd love to hear stories from fans around the world. Let us know yours....



TMZ has video of Regis and Kelly dressed up as Miley Cyrus, and Joe Jonas...

Regis and Kelly as Joe and Miley


Add this to your Christmas Wishlist

An official book called "Burnin' Up", it will be burning up the book shelves when it comes out. Find out more at http://jonasbrothersbooks.com/


 Nick for National Diabetes Month

Nick was at Dodger Stadium where he kicked off National Diabetes Month. Check out Just Jared for pictures.

Nick Jonas at Dodger Stadium



Over on BritneySpears.com, they're asking fans who they would like to see Britney collaborate with, one of the choices is the Jonas Brothers. What do you think? Would you like to see the Jonas Brothers and Britney collaborate together on a song?



The Jonas Brothers are rumored to be going to guest star on "The Suite Life on Deck" in the episode "Crossover" alongside Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana), Mitchel Musso, Emily Osment and other regulars in the cast.

Update: The NY Daily News has to say this is going to be a huge episode with possible appearances by Selena Gomez as well:

There are also plans for a "Life on Deck," "Wizards of Waverly Place" and "Hannah Montana" crossover episode.


Trick or Jonas?

At least when they were younger at Halloween. People.com posted the following picture from their mom earlier this week:

Jonas Brothers at Halloween



Check out this video from today's Regis & Kelly, they dressed up as a many Disney stars like Miley Cyrus and and Billy Ray, and the Jonas Brothers of course.